West Hollywood is one of the cities in the Foothill Communities that we service. However, West Hollywood is much more than a bunch of pools of which to take care. There is a strong sense of culture in this city, as well as a lot of activities to do.


This city’s history begins with the Tongva, a tribe of Native Americans who had inhabited the land for thousands of years. When the Spanish settled the land, they adopted the name “Gabrielinos” after the local Mission.


The Sunset Strip was built in 1790 as a major connecting road. Over the next hundred years, this land grew in size. People moved to West Hollywood from the East to try and escape the strict regulations of government. The city was known to be loose and fun. This reputation continued after more years, as it became the home for casinos, bars, and night clubs.


In the 1960’s, this city got another transformation. Hippie culture came. There was a large music scene, as well as freedom that only existed in California.

Things to Do in West Hollywood

West Hollywood is full of life and things to do. With its music scene and nightlife, there are tons of activities to take part of.

  • The Sunset Strip. Take a walk on this historic street! There are tons of classic music venues, like the House of Blues, Whiskey a Go Go, the Roxy Theater, and more! Whether you catch a show or just take in the sights, this Strip promises a fun evening.
  • There are tons of film sights in West Hollywood! Take a walk around the city and try to find where your favorite films were shot.

Living Water Pool Service

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