Fun Fact: La Crescenta isn’t even a city! Technically, part of the city is in Glendale and the other part is an unincorporated community. While La Crescenta isn’t a city, it’s definitely a lovely neighborhood.

History of La Crescenta

La Crescenta was inhabited by the Tongva people, in line with the surrounding areas. The land was taken over by Spanish settlers in the late 1700’s. In 1843, the governor gave some land, called Rancho La Cañada, to a school teacher.

In late 1933, there was an intense storm, which provided more than a foot of rain. Because the area lies in a mountain range, there were landslides. Just over a dozen people died, and over 400 homes were destroyed. So much for Southern California being a desert.

Fun Things to Do

  • Deukmejian Wilderness Park. This park has gorgeous scenery and is high in the mountains. Also, there is Le Mesnager Barn, where a French patriot built a barn to make wine in. The barn is a popular place to host weddings, have picnics, and look at the scenery.
  • Descanso Gardens. This lovely botanical garden promises a fun day. There are different themed gardens, from Ancient Forest to Japanese Garden, and Nature’s Table to a Rose Garden. If you want to see all the gardens, you could take a ride on the Enchanted Railroad.
  • La Tuna Canyon Park. This park has amazing hiking trails and scenery. Don’t be fooled, the hike is work, but very rewarding.


Notice how all of the things to do take place outside? That’s because La Crescenta is so pretty.

Living Water Pool Service

We service La Crescenta, which is located right next to our base of La Cañada Flintridge. The area is full of families who have pools and want the best service they can get. So, they choose us. If you haven’t seen our work, check out our TESTIMONIALS.