Altadena is one of the cities that we love servicing in the San Fernando Valley. Between the gorgeous scenery and rich history, we love servicing this area’s pools, spas, and people. 


It all began with a man named Benjamin Eaton, who developed water sources around Pasadena. This act made Altadena populateable. Soon, millionaires came to the land and settled down building a community that lasts even today. Estates were built and maintained with agricultural area surrounding. 

Due to Altadena being a small city and positioned right by Pasadena, Pasadena tried for decades to annex Altadena. Every single time, the proposition was refused by its citizens. Interestingly enough, Altadena remains its own city, even though it is 8.7 square miles. 

Points of Interest

Don’t be fooled. Although Altadena is small, there are a few fun places to visit:

  • Christmas Tree Lane, where the homeowners put up extravagant Christmas lights to show the holiday spirit
  • Mount Lowe Railway opened in 1893 at the tail end of the Industrial Revolution. In its time, the Mount Lowe Railway was the only overhead electric trolley to go to a scenic mountain. The railroad began in Altadena and went to Echo Mountain. Although the railway isn’t rideable anymore, it is open to visitation.
  • The Cobb Estate, which was once a large mansion, is now taken care of by the United States Forest Service. The USFS decided to make the Cobb Estate into a gorgeous botanical garden. While still keeping the mansion intact with its historic gates, the garden is open for view.

Among the spots of interest are a group of hiking trails leading to Echo Mountain, Dawn Mine, and gorgeous scenery. There are paths for all levels of hikers, from easy strolls to mountain climbs. What’s the best part? Boulders with arrows painted on the sides will show the way to various connecting trails.

Why Altadena?

Living Water Pool Service’s base is in La Cañada Flintridge, which is neighboring to this city. We love the people in Altadena, as well as the gorgeous scenery. Taking care of pools is what we do. If there are pools that need servicing, we are ready to help.