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Plaster Start-Up

Plaster Start Up

Treating the plaster after it has been replastered is a very important, but we are ready to do it. Let us monitor the plaster start-up process and make sure that your pool replastering goes as smooth as possible.

How do you do the plaster start-up?

Curing the new plaster in a pool is a huge job with many steps. There are many procedures to follow that are necessary in order to achieve the optimum results. Here is what happens during the process.

The process begins by replastering the pool. The first step is to remove the old plaster. Then, the fresh plaster is brought in using a method of spraying. Spraying the plaster does not create a clean and flat line, so the workers go over the wet plaster and smooth it out. This makes sure there are no chunks or any flaws in the plaster. Then the pool is filled with water again.

After the plaster is done, there is a seven day Start up process that must occur in order for the plaster to cure properly. During the first seven days, the calcium hardness levels are adjusted (200-400ppm), the pH level and alkalinity levels are adjusted between 7.2-7.6 & 80-120. Along with balancing the chemicals, the pool surface is brushed with a nylon brush every day and finally is vacuumed with a bristled vacuum head rather than a roller vacuum. Once the week long process is complete and the plaster has settled in, the filter is cleaned and the weekly maintenance is restarted. The following three weeks are very important in maintaining proper chemical levels as well as using a bristled vacuum head. Salt is added after 28 days and it is recommended that the pool is not used for the first 14 days. Once the plaster start-up process is complete, your pool is on its way to a long life with beautiful plaster.

So it isn’t too bad

No it isn’t. Replastering a pool can make the difference between a pool being fun and safe, and having a disaster happen. Plus, the pool will look fantastic with a perfect coat of plaster.

Living Water Pool Service is prepared to maintain the plaster in the best way for you pool. We know how to monitor the process and ensure that the pool water is perfect. Call us today for a free consultation.

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