Alhambra is a mix of various people groups, and it should amazingly. There are beautiful homes, buildings, and views. Neighboring Pasadena and Glendale, this city shows off its individuality and personality.


Just like greater Pasadena, this region was settled by the Tongva tribe of Native Americans The land was given to Manuel Nieto as part of a 300,000 acre grant. The land changed hands throughout time, from the Spanish to the Mexicans, and then to the American government. However, the land was still occupied by Spanish and Mexican settlers.

Alhambra is called “the city of homes” and offers many styles of houses. A few are craftsman, bungalow, Spanish Mediterranean, Spanish colonial, Italian beaux-arts. The schools, centers of commerce, and homes make for an amazing place to live.

Famous Residents of Alhambra

This humble town boasts several famous citizens:

  • Kenny Loggins. If you’ve ever heard the song “Danger Zone” you’ve heard of Kenny Loggins. This suave singer and his family moved to this city for a new start, and a warmer climate than Detroit.
  • Norman Rockwell. This 20th century artist briefly lived in Alhambra during the 1930’s and stayed with one of his friends. Much of his art is shown in Southern California homes and businesses, as well as museums.
  • Dorothy Howell Rodham. Does that last name sound familiar? That’s because Dorothy is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s mother. She lived in Alhambra! This proves that important people can be born anywhere.

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