This city located south of La Cañada Flintridge, and right next to Glendale. The city is known for hosting Occidental College as well as being a high-income area. The name comes from a rock formation that looks like an eagle with its wings extended. Complementing the shape is a shadow that accentuates the shape of the eagle. Eagle Rock remains to be a diverse area with tons of interesting aspects.


Eagle Rock was a farming area before it was developed. A railroad was built that went through the city, which brought in settlers from the East. When many people settled down, the desire for official incorporation became necessary. This happened in 1911. However, with a lack of water and sewer systems, the city merged with Los Angeles in 1923.

The city has one of the highest diversity rate in Los Angeles, as well as countercultural movements. There is a steady group of writers, filmmakers, and artists who are all have a  countercultural mindset. With tons of culture clashing, this city is a home for the creative and out of the box thinkers.

Things to Do in Eagle Rock

  • Look for filming areas. Because Eagle Rock is close to Hollywood but has a small town feel, it is often used for filming. Check out the 5200 block of Shearin Avenue and see where Teen Wolf was filmed, and look for cameos of The Hunt for the Red October, Star Trek III, and Glee.
  • Tour Occidental College. With gorgeous architecture and magnificent views, this campus is a fun place to tour. Whether you’re a student or just want to see beautiful buildings, this is a great place to tour.
  • Hiking paths. This area has amazing trails to hike or walk on. See the canyon, get some sunshine, and exercise all in one trip.

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