Glendale borders La Cañada Flintridge, our base, on the Southwest border. This city is full of diversity in business, scenes, and people. With tons of things to do and to see, Glendale is an amazing city.


Like the surrounding areas, this land was populated by the Tongva people until the land was given to José María Verdugo as a part of the land grant, Rancho San Rafael. José’s grandson, Teodoro Verdugo constructed the Verdugo Adobe, which marks the oldest house in Glendale.

After people from the East settled in the land, they came together to come up with a name. Glendale was chosen to be the title of the city. Population grew and became more diverse. From 1920-1930, the population nearly quintupled. Many people of Armenian descent settled in Glendale, making the city one of the largest Armenian cultural hubs in the United States.

Things to Do in Glendale

  • Verdugo Mountain. With trails and picnic spots, this mountain area promises a great day. Be active and hike the trails, or lounge around and eat a picnic. Remember to bring sunscreen, and enjoy the sun.
  • Universal City. The theme park created by Universal Studios lies in West Glendale. Go and see how the movie making process happens, ride attractions based off your favorite movies, and have amazing food. This experience is truly amazing.
  • The Americana at Brand. This shopping mall has unique stores, such as The American Girl Store, and a unique location. Tons of shopping and tons of options make this area a great place to spend the day, and some money.
  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park. This park has beautiful buildings and sunny spots to relax in. Many famous people, such as Michael Jackson, were buried here. Take some time to walk around and see if you can find his grave.

Living Water Pool Service

We put in the time and effort to service the people of Glendale, California. We get requests for our weekly services, as well as our Acid Wash, Green to Clean, and Plaster Start-Up services. If you are interested and live in Glendale, call us. We service your area.