This niche town located Northeast of Los Angeles is a gorgeous place to see. With glorious mountains, this town has amazing views. Altadena (link) and Pasadena (link) are neighbors to Sierra Madre and provide the town with historical significance.

However, Sierra Madre has its own identity and history. There are things to do in Sierra Madre that help accentuate and celebrate its individuality.

History of Sierra Madre

Just like greater Pasadena, this region was settled by the Tongva tribe of Native Americans. When Spanish settlers came into the area and set up missions, the Tongva number dwindled. As the Tongva and Spanish settlers made peace, they worked together to set up a new mission that would represent both parts of the culture. This is how the first Mount Wilson trail was carved, as the Tongva helped carry lumber for the building process.

Soon, the town expanded as people moved out to the West. More trails were added to Mount Wilson, making the mountain more accessible. Business were set up, and traditions were held. Mount Wilson became the main attraction, with the annual trial run, hiking paths, and gorgeous scenery.

Things to Do

Sierra Madre is a great place to spend a day in. Whether you’re in town visiting family, friends, or just want to enjoy the sights, there is something for you to do.

  • Mount Wilson. There is so much to do involving Mount Wilson. Every year, there is the Mount Wilson Trail Run, which consists of 8.6 miles of dirt, drops, and climbing. If running isn’t your thing, try a walk or hike and get a great view of the lake, city, and land surrounding Sierra Madre.
  • Enjoy the lake. The lake is near the base of the mountains, and offers fishing, boating, and a beach, all to enjoy.

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