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Green to Clean

Green to Clean

Let’s face it, unattended pools tend to grow algae. Although plants are great for the environment, most people don’t enjoy swimming in green water that is filled with algae.
At Living Water Pool Service, we have a dedicated team of experts who can clean your water without having to drain the whole pool. Using our Green to Clean service, we can help rehabilitate your pool water into sparkling clean water, and have swimmers in the pool within two days.

What Made the Algae Grow?

Algae grows from the algae spores. The spores can come into the pool through contaminated swimsuits or even wind and rain. This is unpreventable, but can be taken care of easily.
When the spores come into the pool, they will usually get cleaned up by the filter. However, stagnant water will let the spores sit in the water. As well, low chlorine and unadjusted pH levels can help the algae grow.

We Clean with Expertise

We begin by removing all debris from the pool. The next step is to configure the right amounts of the chemicals in the pool. If the pool pH and chemicals are in the right quantities, the algae won’t be able to grow. Then, we brush the growing algae off the walls of the pool.
The most important step in this process is to shock the pool. We use chemicals that will kill all of the growing algae and bacteria in the pool. In some cases, a large or very overrun pool will take multiple shocks. We then use an algaecide to prevent any more algae from growing. During our two day process, the filter will be cleaned as needed. This generally happens 2-3 times, or until all the dead algae is removed from the system.

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