Everybody know about the city of Hollywood. Because of the film industry being based in the city, the name has spread all over the world. We are proud to service this famed city with amazing service.


Hollywood’s real history starts with a Chinese man. When a man named H.J. Whitley looked over the valley on his honeymoon, he saw the Chinese man coming by. Whitley asked the Chinese man what he was doing, and the man said “I holly-wood”. He meant “I’m hauling wood” but his English was not great. Whitley named the town Hollywood, after the Chinese man’s explanation.

Nearly a hundred years later, the residential population boomed. The town was rural for the most part until the city became an official municipality in 1903.  The film industry set up on the West coast to avoid Thomas Edison’s patent on filming, as well as ideal weather. The town exploded with hopeful actors and actresses, and the town was nicknamed Tinseltown.

Now, Hollywood serves for film premiers, museums, and a place for tourists to visit. Although much of the filming takes place in the surrounding cities, Hollywood is still a center for film development.

Things to do in Hollywood

There’s tons of things to do in Hollywood, but we’ve listed all the tourist spots.

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame. Try to find the star of your favorite actor, singer, producer, director, etc.. There’s tons of famous names on the walk.
  • The Dolby Theater. This theater is the home of the Oscar awards.
  • The Chinese Theater. Many movies have their world premiers in this historic theater. If there’s no premier, it’s fun to see the handprints of celebrities and take pictures of the gorgeous architecture.
  • Hollywood Wax Museum. This museum houses a bunch of wax figures of famous people. Just remember, it’s cold so bring a jacket!

Living Water Pool Service

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