Beverly Hills, California is famous for many reasons. Shopping, celebrities, and television are all a big part of the city. The TV show 90120 is based on a high school in Beverly Hills, named because of the zip code.

However, there is more to Beverly Hills than the entertainment industry. There are fun things to do and places to see. With unique views, architecture, and plant life, there is something for everybody to see. 


Beverly Hills’s start was not so glamorous. The land was used to farm lima beans. That all changed when a group of men tried to find oil in the ground. As there was not enough to sell, the men planned on opening a subdivision. Many people moved in, and the population rose.

The construction of the Beverly Hills Hotel began in 1911 and ended in 1912 viagra generika kaufen schweiz. This iconic hotel brought in visitors who saw how great the area was. Some people moved as a result. The population grew again.

During the mid 1900’s, the land was developed and just next to Hollywood. Many actors and people involved in the filmmaking industry moved into the area. Due to the closeness, Beverly Hills became a perfect place to live. Now the city is a popular location for those who work in the media industry.

Things to Do in Beverly Hills

  • Beverly Hills Hotel. This iconic hotel has stood for over a hundred years and is a monument to the Beverly Hills lifestyle. This luxury hotel has tons of amenities, as well as a deluxe theme.
  • Tree People. Although this park sounds like a type of person, it’s not. Tree People is a park, filled with beautiful foliage and amazing views. They have self-guided tours as well as events and performances.
  • Rodeo Drive. Famous for its shopping, this street promises a luxurious day. Make sure to bring a dog in your purse!

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