Burbank’s pools are often serviced by Living Water Pool Service. Due to the professionalism and quality that Living Water Pool Service brings, we keep coming back to help more. Here is why we love Burbank.


Surprisingly enough, a rich man named Dr. David Burbank purchased 40,000 acres of land north-east of Los Angeles and named the area after himself. The area became settled during the 1870’s as many pioneers wanted to live near a city, but still in a slightly rural area. Due to Los Angeles’s location of a mere twelve miles away, Burbank became the perfect place to live. Settlers had access to a major, booming city, but could retreat to a more rural area. This made for an upcoming city.

While Hollywood is known for its fame in cinema, the real production takes place twelve miles away. Known as the “Media Capital of the World,” Burbank is known for having many popular film studios within the city limits. One of the most famous studios, Walt Disney Studios, moved to Burbank in 1939, and has remained ever since. Other studios located in Burbank include Cartoon Network Studios, Nickelodeon Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and The Burbank Studios. Much animation and film history took place here, and continues on to this day.

Points of Interest

Although Walt Disney Studios does not offer backlot tours, there are awesome ways to make your day in Burbank fun.

  • The Martial Arts History Museum is located right on Magnolia Boulevard. The museum explains how Asian martial arts became a part of America’s history. They have props, including the headband that Ralph Macchio wore in The Karate Kid movies.
  • Providencia Ranch was used in the early, silent film The Birth of a Nation, which was released in 1915. Since then, the land has switched to becoming Universal City, and is still used in filmmaking. Fans of early filmmaking will come and tour this area. 
  • The New York Film Academy is located in Burbank. Besides having a lovely campus, the alumni include Naya Rivera, the Wayans Brothers, and Shaquille O’Neal. That’s right, Shaquille O’Neal went to New York Film Academy.

All of the other studios besides the Walt Disney Studios do offer backlot tours. These tours showcase the expertise and process behind creating major animation films and series.

We Love Burbank

Burbank is a great location to live, shop, and explore. With rich film and animation history, there is something for everybody to enjoy. We love to service this lovely city and work with the wonderful people. If you live in or near Burbank and don’t have a fantastic pool service, give us a call today.