Arcadia is a great town located in the Foothill Communities. We service this area, as well as spend time here. Before we tell you what our favorite things to do in Arcadia are, check out some of it’s odd history.


Just like all of the Foothill Communities, Arcadia was settled by the Tongva for hundreds of years. When the Spanish arrived, the Tongva were renamed the Gabrieleños. The land was held by the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel for a while until the area became secularized. The land was given to private citizens, ending the Mission’s hold.


The land was given to the United States, which made a lot of settlers swarm in from the East. “Lucky” Baldwin finally bought the land, and nothing much happened until the turn of the 20th century. The land was known for luxury, its entertainment based economy was flourishing. The San Anita racetrack was built, as part of this idea of providing entertainment.


The town grew over the years with a suburban housing boom. Now the town is a hot spot for wealthy couples raising children. And who takes care of all those pools so the kids can swim in them? Us.

Things to Do in Arcadia

Now for the fun part. What is there to do?

  • See the filming sites. Matilda, Mission Impossible 3, Cloverfield, and many more were shot in Arcadia. Take the day and scope out where the movies were filmed.
  • Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. These gardens are gorgeous! Not only are the plants amazing, there’s a large collection of peafowl. No matter where you look, there’s beauty all over these gardens.

Living Water Pool Service

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