Monrovia is a small gem hidden in the Foothill Communities. This town, located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, has a lot of unique and funny history, as well as activities to do with the whole family.


Just like all of the Foothill Communities, this city was settled by the Tongva. All of the oak trees in the valley provided acorns, which were made into a mush that was a staple of the Tongva diet. After hundreds of years, the land was claimed for Spain and settled by the Spanish. The land now known as Monrovia was given as part of a land grant. The owner of the land changed often, until William N. Monroe held onto the land. No surprise, the city was named after him link.

The town was incorporated in 1887 due to a saloon. A group of prohibitionists did not want the saloon, so the first law they made was to prohibit the sale of alcohol. Nearly fifty years later, the government changed to a city council-manager. Now, the city has a large library with over 190,000 books.

Things to Do in Monrovia

Monrovia has many activities of which to take part.

  • Krikorian Premiere Theatres Monrovia Cinema. This is a classic theatre with modern technology. The outside has the classic marquee and neon lights, and inside are LFX screens. Don’t forget to bring the whole family, because this theatre is family friendly.
  • Monrovia Canyon Park. This park is fun, especially for a gentle walk with the family. The best part? There’s a waterfall at the end.

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