Pool Service – Weekly Maintenance

We know what can happen. A gust of wind can blow leaves into the pool, there can be rain, or any combination of unforeseen instances. We offer our services for weekly maintenance to ensure quality and cleanliness. Here is what we do for you:

Chemical Check:

We check to see if all your chemicals are in balance. We monitor pH, alkalinity, free & total chlorine, TDS, cyanuric acid, phosphate level, calcium hardness, and salt. This is to ensure that the pool is clean, and in perfect measure.

Net and Vacuum:

Leaves, bees, and countless other objects can and will get into your pool water. Using a skimmer and an underwater vacuum, we make sure that there are no foreign bodies in your pool. That is, except for yours.

Brush Tile and Pool Walls:

We make sure that your tile is clean and not accumulating calcium fragments. If your pool is plaster, fiberglass or vinyl, we brush the walls as well.

Empty Baskets:

The skimmer, pump, and leaf canister all become filled over time. We empty those baskets. Simple as that.

Inspect All Equipment:

Nobody wants faulty equipment in their pool. We check everything to make sure it is all in working order. The automaton controls, pumps, filters, heaters, salt systems, chlorinators, blowers, lights, auto fills, actuator valves, and automated cleaners all get inspected to ensure proper working condition. We really want your pool to run smoothly.

Adjust Speed Pumps and Time Clocks:

Depending on the time of year or for daylight savings, we adjust automated systems as needed.


We typically service pools 1-2 times a week throughout the year, and offer pre-party cleanings with a 24 hour notice.

After visiting, we put in the effort to make sure that all gates are closed or locked as needed.

Our weekly maintenance plan works for both pools and spas. We guarantee to follow this checklist every time we visit. Call us for a free consultation today.

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