North Hollywood is a unique little city. The name is misleading; there is no technical connection to Hollywood. With a large culture of creativity, this city is home to many notable celebrities, artists, and media landmarks.


The two parts of the history are divided between before annexation and after annexation. The history begins with Spanish settlers. After many years, a man named Isaac Lankershim bought the land. He and his son-in-law pioneered dryland farming, growing large amounts of wheat. The land was soon settled during the land boom of the 1880’s. The area was mostly filled with farmers, looking to remain independent. However, a large drought hit and the group finally agreed to become a part of Los Angeles.

After many years, the farming population dwindled causing businesses and schools to be built. The population became more diverse, and now has many different people groups and communities. The town became known as NoHo, short for North Hollywood.

Things to Do in North Hollywood

North Hollywood has many activities to take part of.

  • Circus Liquor. This landmark has been in several of Hollywood’s biggest productions, including Clueless. Take a picture of the sign, or reenact the scene when Cher gets robbed.
  • Universal Studios is located on the border of North Hollywood and Hollywood. Touring the studios is fun and informative. You get to see how the Universal films are made.
  • Laemmle Noho 7. This quaint theater shows mainly independent films, but has the occasional box office hit. The best part? The popcorn has five different seasonings.
  • Spoken Funk. This club offers music, poetry, and spoken word. The show offers a night of creativity and good energy.

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