North Hollywood

North Hollywood is a unique little city. The name is misleading; there is no technical connection to Hollywood. With a large culture of creativity, this city is home to many notable celebrities, artists, and media landmarks. History The two parts of the history are divided between before annexation and after annexation. The history begins with [...]

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IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump

The IntelliFlo Variable Speed pump is the perfect choice for a versatile and energy saving pump. Marked as EcoSelect, this pump’s intelligence system works hard to reduce the amount of energy used. We at Living Water Pool Service aim to bring you the best in the business, as well as the best for your pocket. [...]

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Refer a Friend

We love community. Being a family owned business, community and connection are very important to us. We started our Refer a Friend program to connect more. What is Refer a Friend? Refer a Friend is our rewards program. We love the idea of you telling your friends about us. Word of mouth is and always [...]

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